Public TVET Colleges

Having worked on the DHET /SAICA project for the past 18 months we have developed valuable knowledge and experience of the sector which we can continue to leverage to the advantage of any Public TVET College requiring assistance with their financial management processes. We have assisted the College in implementing appropriate month and year end processes, provided assistance on various projects including the Fixed Asset Register, ITS reporting, preparation of the Annual Financial Statements in accordance with SA GAAP, and the management of the Financial Aid processes. The training provided by SAICA on the implementation of GRAP ensures that we can also support the colleges with the preparation of the AFS in compliance with GRAP.

We can support your College in the following areas:

  • Implementing month and financial year end processes
  • Develop and amending ITS reports in GL Report writer
  • Assist with mapping to DHET Chart of Accounts
  • Preparation of Quarterly Management Accounts
  • Fixed Assets Register and reconciliation to the General Ledger
  • Preparation for the year end Audit
  • Contract management – SETA and government grants are an important revenue source for the College
  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements in compliance with GRAP
  • Coaching and Mentoring of Finance Staff.
  • Implementing Internal Controls and Audit recommendations.
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